For those of you that don't know me personally, lets get this out of the way... Iron Tazz Scaggs is my full birth given name. My name is just as wild as my intense passion for  the natural world that surrounds us all. Im a Pacific NorthWest native currently residing in Washington state. My main goal in life is to help others pursue there passions and to live a life inspired by love and light. I hope my art reminds you of the strongest roots that bind us all together.

 I find most of my inspiration backpacking into remote wilderness areas. I hope my photographs can take you into the heart of  these beautiful places and remind you of the universal connection we all have with each other and the world beneath our feet. When I'm not on the trail I can often be found painting my visions and inspirations onto canvas.  I started Open Heart Canvas with the goal of spreading love across the world through our hearts. This can be looked at as an about me but i prefer to think of it as an about us. Ubunto